Curating Projects



Oxana Chi has been a curator since 2009. As a festival director and curator, she has initiated and organized the festivals "Salon Qi" and "Dance@ summer12 – Zeitspuren am Ufer" in cooperation with educational institutions such as Lichiverein, Filmarche e.V, AfricAvenir e.V and Xart splitta e.V in Berlin. Moreover, she has planned, curated, organized and mentored the monthly dance series TANZnews in cooperation with the multicultural Theatre "Werkstatt der Kulturen" in Berlin.

In all these projects, she has served as a director who was also responsible for acquiring funding and supervising the marketing. Oxana Chi has been appointed as an award-winning curator by the prestigious Fonds Soziokultur which highly appreciated her talent and motivation as a curator.

»Oxana Chi's festivals are like a treasure digged out of an ocean of events. In the spirit of the time, and yet always very special... These are top class events!«

Uta Pürschel (born in 1932)
German scientist from Königswusterhausen, who regularly attended the events.