Tanz auf der Stelle



Tanz auf der Stelle (Dance On The Spot)

Duration: 60 Minutes

A dance-concert, derived from impressions from the world premiere of Through Gardens (Berlin 2008). This piece is also enacting inspiration from Tatjana Barbakoff's dance piece "An ashes wednesday in 7 transformations" (Premiered 1921 at Theatre Dusseldorf Schauspielhaus). This show is challenging all contemporary forms of post-modern "re-enactements" to move a step further. Dancing figures from Tatjana Barbakoff and Oxana Chi appear on stage, surrounded by an impressive musical soundscape specifically composed and interpreted for the piece.

»When the show was over, I wish it would go on for hours, such a beautiful and deep inspiring performance is never too long for me!«
Christine Sitka, German Painter & Print artist at Festival "Nacht & Nebel"/ Nicodemus Church Berlin 2012

Idea, Choreography, Dance: Oxana Chi
Music: Ensemble Xinren
Musician 2011/2012: Laszlo Moldvai (Hungary): Piano and Hang (21st century Swiss percussion Steel drum)


Tour History includes:

Maison Heinrich Heine Program 2011

Program Maison Heinrich Heine 2011



Festival Salon Qi – Paris 2011

Flyer Salon Qi Paris 2011

 Cultur center and Foundation Maison Heinrich Heine – Paris 2011



Festival Salon Qi – Berlin 2011

Flyer Salon Qi Berlin 2011



Festival Nacht und Nebel at Nicodemus Church – Berlin 2012

Flyer Nacht und Nebel at Nicodemus Church Berlin 2012 Flyer Festival Nacht und Nebel Berlin 2012




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