Through Gardens (Durch Gärten)



Through Gardens (Durch Gärten)

is an outstanding music-dance-performance dedicated to the Chinese-Jewish-Latvian dancer Tatjana Barbakoff from the 1920s/30s.

Duration: 60 min

Oxana brings back Barbakoff's memory on stage, recalling her beautiful art, tragic death, and a life of resistance. Alternating, with fluidity and grace, between martial arts movements, delicate ballet figures, West African jumps, and precise Indonesian poses, Through Gardens creates an intimate and liberating universe that emphasizes alternative storytelling, the empowerment of women, and the love of art.

Accompanied by a dynamic soundscore, Oxana presents a deeply personal blend of eastern & western styles, blurring the boundaries between traditional and contemporary aesthetics. In her ensemble, Ensemble Xinren, she also brings together an eclectic group of musicians who compose and improvise new live pieces specifically for her choreographies. Through Gardens has been performed with unique combinations of instruments, including piano and hang, gayageum and electric guitar, cello and Chinese drums played by talented musicians such as Laszlo Moldvai, Beate Gatscha, Cellolitis, Hannes Buder, Tanja Buddenbrock, Sung Jun Ko.
The audience is invited to discover an innovative artistic language and experience a thought-provoking dance solo dedicated to the life and art of a forgotten female artist.

»This dance evening has left a strong impression on me. The beauty of the expression, the interpretation of various dance styles, the charism of the performer Oxana Chi, all of this together... Thank you for an unforgetful evening.«
Ursula Bunger, Senior Berlin resident after the show at Hoftheater Kreuzberg

»As a partner of the Jewish Weeks, I trust the Festival curator Valentina Marcenaro to program very special artists...
I was very honored that we could welcome this absolute top class performance in our theater.
Brit Magdon, Artistic Director of the Societätstheater

»I enjoyed her dance as much as the indonesian Court Dance at the Royal Mankunegaram Palace!«
Indonesian police officer after the performance at SIPA Festival

Idea, Choreography, Dance: Oxana Chi
Music composed & performed by Ensemble Xinren.
Musicians of various artistic backgrounds join Ensemble Xinren to support Oxana on stage on several events:
Hannes Buder (e-guitar), Sung jun Ko (Gayageum), Beate Gatscha (chinese drum, talking drum, hang stil drum, flute), Tanja Buttenborg (accordeon), Ulrike Kienast (hang stil-drum), Martin Sommer (cello), Nikolaus Herdieckerhoff (cello), Laszlo Moldvai (piano, hang stil-drum), Layla Zami (saxophon, flute).


Since 2008 this Femmage (tribute) was shown at prestigious events in Solo (SIPA Festival in Indonesia), Paris (Le Dansoir Karine Saporta, Cité Internationale Maison Heinrich Heine, Théâtre de Belleville), Cannes ( Festival de Danse in the realm of Colloque Atelier de la Danse n°8), Berlin (Werkstatt der Kulturen, Hoftheater Kreuzberg, Grimm Zentrum Auditorium at Humboldt University ), Dresden (18th Jewish Music and Theatre Weeks) and has toured with the support of public and private sponsors, including the French Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah (FMS, Paris), the European Union Programs Fonds "Soziokultur and Soziale Stadt", Fond Darstellender Künste Bonn, Senatsverwaltung Berlin (City Council for the Arts Berlin), Landeszentrale für politische Bildungsarbeit (Governmental office for political education), Förderband eV Berlin, Cultural offices of Pankow, Neukölln, Treptow, Schöneberg and the following German Foundations: Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Berlin, Amadeu Antonio Foundation Berlin, Gerda Weiler Foundation for Feminist Women's Research, Heinrich-Böll-Foundation. In New York, excerpts have been shown at Dixon Place, CUNY Martin E. Segal Theatre with The Center for the Humanities, and the Center for Performance Research in 2018. In 2020/21, the performance Through Gardens was invited by the Performance Project at University Settlement, New York and the prestigious theatre Volksbühne Berlin.


Tour History includes:

Through Gardens Poster 2008

Through Gardens Poster 2008



Diaspora Europa @ Volksbühne Berlin 2020/21

Flyer Diaspora Europa 2020/21




Festival de Danse / COLLOQUE ATELIER DE LA DANSE N°8 – Cannes 2017

Flyer Colloque Cannes 2017




Moving Archives @ CUNY, The Center for the Humanities, Martin E. Segal Theatre – New York 2018

Flyer Moving Archives 2018




Event Sich Erinnern @ Auditorium Grimm-Zentrum Humboldt University – Berlin 2017

Flyer Salon Qi 2017



18. Jewish Music and Theatre Weeks – Dresden 2014

Flyer 18. Jewish Music and Theatre Weeks Dresden 2014 Flyer

 Societätstheater Dresden Program 2014



Theatre Hoftheater Kreuzberg – Berlin 2014

Flyer Theatre Hoftheater Kreuzberg Berlin 2014

 Hoftheater Kreuzberg Program 2014
 Hoftheater Kreuzberg Program 2009



Black Queer Night @ Theatre Dixonplace Manhattan – New York 2018

Flyer Black-Queer-Night 2018




Performance Series Open House (PSOH) @ Center for Performance Research – New York 2018

Flyer Performance Series Open House 2018




FMS Foundation for Memory of the Shoah Brochure – Paris 2011/12

FMS Foundation for Memory of the Shoah Brochure

 Program Through Gardens at FMS Paris 2012



Théatre de Belleville – Paris 2012

Théatre de Belleville Poster



Symposium Metro of the Federal centre of education and Book Release German Asians – Berlin 2012

Cover German Asians

 Book Release German Asians 2012 - Program



Theatre Le Dansoir de Karine Saporta – Paris 2011

Program Theatre Dansoir

 Program Theatre le Dansoir Paris 2011



SIPA Festival Book – Solo 2010

Flyer SIPA Solo Program Indonesien 2010



Indonesia tour 2010

Flyer Indonesia tour 2010



Theatre Arena Taman Budaya – Surakarta 2010

Flyer Teater Arena Taman Budaya Surakarta 2010



Through Gardens Postcard 2008

Through Gardens Postcard 2008



International Theatre & Concert hall Werkstatt der Kulturen program – Berlin 2008

Flyer Werkstatt der Kulturen program



Festival Stolpersteine @ Brotfabrik Theatre – Berlin 2008

Flyer Festival Stolpersteine




House of Democracy and Human Rights program – Berlin 9/2008

Flyer House of Democracy and Human Rights

 Lecture Performance program Berlin 11/2008



Program Foundation Heinrich Boell Lecture Performance – Berlin 2008

Program Foundation Heinrich Boell



Town Hall Festival Kir Lokal Program – Berlin 2008

Town Hall Festival Kir Lokal Program




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