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Oxana Chi is invited to perform at International Festivals and Symposiums. One of this wonderful experience happened in Istanbul, Turkey. Upon invitation of the International Symposium "Writing Women's Lives", Oxana Chi performed her music-dance-show I Step On Air on the Main Stage of Yeditepe University's Theatre.

The Symposium was attended by over 200 international women – academics and culture professionals –, as well as a couple of men – and local graduate students and staff. Professors, writers, artists coming from India, Holland, Nigeria, USA, France, China and so many more countries, presented papers on topics of women's studies and women's historiography, and Oxana danced...

»A divinely gifted dancer!«
Nilgün Cön, Intercultural Business Coach

The artist danced at the International Performing Arts Festival in Indonesia for a 5.000 persons audience, performing the story of dancer Tatjana Barbakoff in Through Gardens.

»I enjoyed her dance as much as the indonesian Court Dance at the Royal Mankunegaram Palace!«
Indonesian police officer after the performance at SIPA Festival

Through Gardens, a dance and music performance, was also shown at Metro Festival in Berlin, upon invitation by Professor Dr. Kien Nghi Ha (Bremen University). These event series, showcasing new publications by well-known authors and professors, were organized and sponsored by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb).

The Jewish Music and Dance Weeks also had the pleasure to include Through Gardens in their program. Oxana danced at the charming historical Theatre "Societätstheater" in Dresden where the local Jewish community was delighted by her Femmage/Tribute embodying Tatjana Barbakoff, a performance which brought the forgotten famous artist figure back (on stage).

»As a partner of the Jewish Weeks, I trust the Festival curator Valentina Marcenaro to program very special artists...
I was very honored that we could welcome this absolute top class performance in our theater.
Brit Magdon, Artistic Director of the Societätstheater

Oxana also participated to the Biennale "Passages", an unparalleled Festival in Europe, showcasing contemporary African and Afropean Dance in Bielefeld every two years. Oxana performed Neferet iti, embodying the Pharaoh Queen in good company amongst world class dancers and musicians from South Africa, Chad, Congo, Benin, Trinidad, Egypt...

»A brilliant and splendid performance which leaves me almost speechless...I really enjoyed it!«
Dr. phil. Marion Kraft, Bielefeld University
Afro-American-German Author, Literary Critic & Lecturer


Invitations to Festivals

International Human Rights Art Festival – New York 2018

Flyer International Human Rights Art Festival New York 2018




Festival & Exibiton Homestory Deutschland – Hamburg 2013

Postcard Homestory Deutschland Hamburg 2013

 Homestory Deutschland Program Hamburg 2013 (page 2)



Gesellschaft Macht Geschlecht Feminist University Festival – Bielefeld 2014

Flyer Gesellschaft Macht Geschlecht

 Festival Program Asta Uni Bielefeld 2014 (page 6)
 Festival Program Asta Uni Bielefeld 2013 (page 4)



Jazzfest Uckermark 2014

Flyer Jazzfest Uckermark 2014

 Program Jazzfest Uckermark 2010
 Program Jazzfest Uckermark 2009
 Program Jazzfest Uckermark 2008



18. Jewish Music and Theatre Weeks – Dresden 2014

Flyer 18. Jüdische Musik und Theater Woche Dresden 2014 Flyer Societätstheater Dresden
 Societätstheater Dresden Program 2014



Nacht und Nebel Festival – Berlin 2014
Cafe Fincan Kultursymbiosen

Flyer Cafe Fincan Kultursymbiosen

 Program Nacht und Nebel Festival 2014
 Program Nacht und Nebel Festival 2012



Black Basar Festival Program – Berlin 2013

Flyer Black Basar Festival Berlin 2013
(page 7)



SIPA International Performance Arts Festival – Solo 2010

Flyer SIPA Festival Solo 2010



Dance Festival Biennale Passages – Bielefeld 2014

Flyer Biennale Passages Bielefeld 2014



Invitations to International Symposiums

International Symposium Writing Womens Life – Istanbul 2014

International Symposium Writing Womens Life Istanbul 2014

 Writing Womens Live – Symposium Program Istanbul 2014 (page 41-42)



Artsalon Humbold University – Berlin 2013

Flyer Artsalon-Humbold University



Symposium Metro of the Federal centre of education and Book Release German Asians – Berlin 2012

Cover German Asians

 Book Release German Asians 2012 - Program



Event Series Art as a Space of Empowement and Resistance – Berlin 2014

Program Perspectives from Black Woman*, Women* of Color and Women* with Migration history

Flyer Art as a Space of Empowement and Resistance



Cooperation with GLADT – Gays & Lesbians aus der Türkei – Berlin 2012

Program GLADT-QPoC_S Summer School



Lesmigras Event Series Tapesh – Berlin 2011

Lesmigras Event Series Tapesh Program Berlin 2011