Oxana Chi's dance art in writings by others and by herself.
Here you will find selected publications by and about the artist.



Contemporary PerforMemory: Dancing through Spacetime, Historical Trauma, and Diaspora in the 21st Century

Cover Contemporary PerforMemory


Layla Zami discusses Oxana Chi's dance works

Autor: Dr. Layla Zami
Publisher: transcript Verlag Bielefeld, Critical Dance Studies series
in partnership with Columbia University Press, New York 2020


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Dance Research Journal: Dancing After Life: Flexible Spacetimes of Black Female ResistDance

(page 67-87)



Article by Dr. Layla Zami with a essay by Oxana Chi about Chi's Choreography I Step On Air

Authors: Dr. Layla Zami, Oxana Chi
Editor: Dr. Nadine George-Graves
Publisher: Cambridge University Press, USA 2020



Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory

Cover Women & Performance 2020
(page 345-353)

 article online


Layla Zami discusses Oxana Chi's choreography Killjoy

Autor: Dr. Layla Zami
Editor: Kim Bobier, Marisa Williamson
Publisher: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, London, UK 2021




Academic Online Journal: Recherches en Danse

 Article in france


Oxana Chi‘s dance piece Through Gardens is discussed in the article Danser le passé au présent.


Author: Dr. Layla Zami
Editors: Claudia Palazzolo et Guillaume Sintès
Publisher: Mémoires de l’œuvre en danse, Paris, France 2019



Contemporary PerforMemory: Moving Through Diasporic Dancescapes in the 21st Century

Cover Dissertation


Layla Zami discusses Oxana Chi's choreographies

Autor: Dr. Layla Zami
Humboldt-University, Berlin 2018



Book: Neues Judentum, altes Erinnern

Cover Neues Judentum Altes Erinnern
(page 261-275)


Layla Zami discusses Oxana Chi's Choreography Through Gardens


Author: Dr. Layla Zami
Editors: Eva Lezzi, Dmitrij Belkin, Laura Hensch
Publisher: Hentrich & Hentrich, Berlin 2017



Book: Lambda Nordica, postcolonial queer europe

Cover Lambda Nordica
(page 125-150)


Layla Zami enriches the publication with her 25 pages Dancing the past in the Present Tense about Oxana Chi's Choreographies


Author: Dr. Layla Zami
Editors: Jenny Björklund, Ulrika Dahl
Publisher: Uppsala University, Sweden 2017



Zine: Ungehörig Nr. 2 "Performing_Memory"

Cover Ungehoerig Nr. 2
(page 23-25)


Oxana contributes to the Zine with her essay Neferet iti Reloaded.


Author: Oxana Chi
Editor & Publisher: Marie Springborn
Humboldt-University, Berlin 2016



Sisters & Souls
Book publication & Book launch party @ Theatre HAU 3

Flyer Book publication and launch party
(page 201-213)

 Book description & announcement


Oxana contributes to the book with her essay Von hier nach dort. I step on air.

Oxana Chi & Layla Zami enrich the launch party with their film screening their Afropean Video Diary New York, Nov. 2015


Author: Oxana Chi
Editor: Natasha A. Kelly
Publisher: Orlanda Verlag, Berlin 2015



Book: Sichtbar Unsichtbar

Cover Sichtbar_Unsichtbar
(page 261-275)


Layla Zami contributes to the book with her text Oxana Chis dancings sciences (Oxana Chis tanzende Wissenschaffung).


Author: Dr. Layla Zami
Editors: Maria Heidegger, Nina Kogler, Mathilde Schmitt, Ursula Schneider, Annette Steinsiek.
Publisher: transcript, Bielefeld 2015



Book: Eingeschrieben_Zeichen setzen gegen Rassismus an deutschen Hochschulen – Humboldt University

Cover eingeschrieben
(page 90)


Oxana Chi contributes to Ngubia Kurias book with a text/screenplay Brief Nr. 21, a screenplay scene of the Documentary Film Dancing Through Gardens.


Author: Oxana Chi
Editor: Ngubia Kuria
Publisher: w_orten & meer, Berlin 2015



Zine: The Living Archiv

Cover Foundation Boell Dossier
(page 52-61)


Layla Zami contributes to the book with her text Oxana Chi von Zopf bis Fluss about Chi's choreography Neferet iti


Author: Dr. Layla Zami
Editor: Aicha Diallo
Publisher: Heinrich Böll Foundation 2013



Brochure: Salon Qi Festival

Cover Book Salon Qi


Essays, political lyrics, short storys & dance foto art in memory to Tatjana Barbakoff.


Authors: Oxana Chi, Dr. Layla Zami, Günter Goebbels, Lou Straus-Ernst
Editors: Oxana Chi & Layla Zami
Berlin 2011



Art Catalog: Tatjana Barbakoff

Cover Tatjana Barbakoff Art Catalog
(page 80-81)


Historian Günter Goebbels describes Oxana Chi's Through Gardens in memory to Tatjana Barbakoff.


Author: Günter Goebbels,
Editor & Curator: Günter Goebbels,
Publisher: Freundeskreis Kulturbahnhof Eller e.V



Brochure: City of Berlin Art Department LAP

Cover LAP Brochure
(page 25)


Oxana Chi describes her workshop concept and her choreography Through Gardens in memory to Tatjana Barbakoff


Author: Oxana Chi
Editor: Alina Enzensberger
Publisher: Camino, Berlin 2009



Art Catalog: Torsten Schlueter Tulipamwe Interview with Oxana

Cover Art catalog Torsten Schlueter
(page 177/181)


Oxana Chi interviewed the painter Torsten Schlüter.


Editor & Publisher: Torsten Schlueter