Neferet iti (Nofretete)



Neferet iti (Nofretete)

Duration: 36 min

In this dance creation, Oxana embodies the famous Pharaoh Neferet iti. Praised in Berlin, Germany, as the "beautiful migrant in town", she is also one of the oldest African women in Germany. Lingering in Berlin's museum island since more then 100 years, she never got the opportunity to travel back to her home country. A poetic, contemporary dance-herstory-performance, which hints at the fact that Europe is gaining a big financial and cultural profit from art works from other continents... while the native countries and artists remain unacknowledged. This mind-blowing emotional Fusion dance is performed with live percussions, e-guitar and Oud music.

»A somewhat delicate presence, she is, nevertheless, a woman writ large, claiming concert dance space for a diverse and teeming world, blessing that space.«
Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Bessie Award winner for Outstanding Service to the Field of Dance, writer, curator
during Festival Dapline! The Performance Project @ University Settlement – New York

»A vital and wonderful production which deals with history in a powerful and playful way«
Wendy Sutherland, Associate Professor of German Language & Literature, Florida
after the Premiere at Berlin Dance(a)Summer 12 Festival in Berlin

»A healing dance therapy!«
Madame Michalon, Dance teacher, after the performance at Maison des Arts, Martinique

»A brilliant and splendid performance which leaves me almost speechless...I really enjoyed it!«
Dr. phil. Marion Kraft, Bielefeld University
Afro-American-German Author, Literary Critic & Lecturer

Idea, Choreography, Dance: Oxana Chi
Music composed & performed by international musicians from Brasil, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Korea, Switzerland:
Débora Saraiva (percussions) & Sung Jun Ko (oud & e-guitar)
Abdoul Aziz Sinka (percussions) & Gilbert Trefzger (oud & e-guitar)

Costume by Ghazaleh Haghighat, Modou Diop, Loca Charisma


Tour History includes:

Dance@Summer 12 Festival – Berlin 2012

Flyer Dance@Summer 12 Festival



Dance Conference – Martinique 2014

Flyer Dance Conference Martinique 2014



Dance Festival Biennale Passages – Bielefeld 2014

Flyer Biennale Passages Bielefeld 2014
(page 8)



Festival Dapline! The Performance Project @ University Settlement – New York 2015

Flyer UniversitySettlement_NYC_2015



Taipei Fringe Festival – Taipei 2015

Flyer Taipei Fringe Festival Front 2015

Flyer Taipei Fringe Festival Back 2015



International Performance Art Festival – Solo 2015

Programbook International Performance Art Festival Solo 2015
(page 23-26)



Theatre Dixon Place, Dance Series Fast Forward – New York 2016

Flyer Dixonplace 2016 fastforward




Here and Black Festival @ FEMINISTische Geschichtswerkstatt, Theater R.A.B. Zelt – Freiburg 2017

Flyer Here and Black





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