Oxana Meets Martin High de Prime



Oxana Meets Martin High de Prime

Duration: 30 min

Dancer and performance artist Oxana Chi combines New-Dance Fusion (the Melting of various cultures), movements and very own improvisation since 25 years into a headstrong, ever changing and yet unequivocal, new dance style.

Together with Jazz-Improvisation-Genious High de Prime (Piano), whose music is inspired by African- and Latin-American beats, they transform time in wavering instants, with performances carrying off audiences into another space. This other space is a sunny music-dance-experimental island, with most enjoyable seeing-and-listening sensations for the audience... who is left with an imprint of the myriad of cultures in which the artists have travelled and dwelled incredibly diverse inspirations.

Martin High de Prime is director, curator and mentor of the Jazzfest Uckermark, which has found place since over 10 years in Brandenburg, East Germany. The festival hosts a plurality of music bands playing own compositions and improvisations of Jazz, Ska, Afro and Latin Funk und Jazz.

Oxana Chi was invited to perform by director High de Prime in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2014, for a vivid exchange at eye level with the Jazzfest Big Boss on stage.


Idea, Choreography, Dance: Oxana Chi


Tour History includes:

Festival Jazzfest Uckermark 2014

Flyer Jazzfest Uckermark 2014

 Flyer Outside
 Flyer Inside



Festival Jazzfest Uckermark 2010

Flyer Jazzfest Uckermark 2010



Festival Jazzfest Uckermark 2009

Flyer Jazzfest Uckermark 2009



Festival Jazzfest Uckermark 2008

Flyer Jazzfest Uckermark 2008


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