>> Wings To Fly >> Frida Kahlo Bolero



>> Wings To Fly >> Frida Kahlo Bolero

Duration: 17 min
commissioned by DAGESH, a program by Leo Baeck Foundation

Oxana Chi’s mesmerizing dance ritual is dedicated to the powerful Mexican-German artist Frida Kahlo. She was often forced to stay at home for health-related reasons, a situation which she transformed into her unique visual legacy. Oxana's dance and the music cite elements from the notorious Boléro, originally composed by Maurice Ravel in 1928 as a commissioned work for the dancer and art patron Ida Rubinstein.


Idea, Choreography, Dance: Oxana Chi
Music composed & performed by Layla Zami (saxophone, loops), Julius Heise (Vibraphon)
Visual art: Betty Stürmer @ Berlin, Virginia Wagner @ New York
Costume design: Dorês Maués


Tour History includes:

Festival Past & Future, Architecture, Culture & Commuity @ 1014 Space for Ideas (House Goethe) – New York City 2021

Flyer 1014 Past & Future




Dagesh Kunstlab, Festival Transition @ Holzmarkt – Berlin 2021

Flyer IHRAF Elements 2018



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