Feel Your Fantasy in Motion (Workshop)

Flyer Conference World Association of Puppetry and Storytelling 2021


on-line collaborative arts conference, World Association of Puppetry and Storytelling Arts (Waldorf Education) July 29th - August 1st

July 29-30, 2021
10.30 am


Killjoy (Tanzperformance) & Killjoy in Orange Ink (Film)

Flyer Lesben Frühlings Treffen

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Lesben Frühlings Treffen, Rising To The Roots, Bremen 2021 (online)

22. Mai 2021
21 Uhr (9pm)


Art Salon: May Ayim, Schwester und Inspirationsquelle

Flyer Dortmund goes Black Dortmund 2021


Dortmund Goes Black @ Theater /Schauspiel Dortmund (online)

May 5, 2021
7.30 pm (german time)
1.30 pm (ny time)


Postmemory and the Contemporary World - 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference 2021 (online)

Flyer Postmemory Conference s2021


University of Gdańsk, Poland in cooperation with University Pontificia Bolivariana Colombia

February 26, 2021
7 pm


Book Launch Event Contemporary PerforMemory by Dr. Layla Zami / Artist Talk by Oxana Chi

Cover Contemporary PerforMemory

Pratt Institute in partnership with the Ohio State University
online on zoom

March 16, 2021
2.15 pm (ny time)
7.15pm (german time)


Through Gardens (Durch Gärten)

Flyer WECAN conference 2021


Performance (excerpt) and Eurythmy workshop
WECAN conference 2021 / online

February 6, 2021
3 pm


Through Gardens (Durch Gärten)



Festival Diaspora Europa / Volksbühne Digital
Performance digital online + Audio Podcast

January 27, 2021
11 am


A Fall Afternoon in Berlin

Flyer 30-30-30

End of the year celebration @ Dixon Place, New York

December 30, 2020
7 pm


Hommage an Tatjana

Ausschnitt Juedische Allgemeine

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Jüdische Allgemeine
weekly jewish newspaper, December 23, 2020


Through Gardens (Durch Gärten)

Flyer Volksbühne Berlin 2020

Festival Diaspora Europa @ Volksbühne Berlin (grand stage)

December 11 und 12, 2020
7.30 pm

(postponed to January 27, 2021)


Dancing Through Gardens

Cover Durch Gärten Tanzen

Film-Talk @ AGB American Memorial Library

December 4, 2020
7 pm (postponed)


Killjoy in orange ink

Einladung Lila Wunder 1920-2020

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Exibition/ Ausstellung
Lila Wunder 1920-2020, sichtbar werden - sichtbar bleiben / to become visible - to stay visible
Künstlerinnen der 1920er Jahre, Künstlerinnen der Gegenwart / Artist of the past and present
Killjoy in orange ink (Film Premiere)

October 9 - November 15, 2020
extended to December 15, 2020

Vernissage October 9, 2020 18:00 Uhr VIP // 19:00 Uhr offen für alle!


+ Killjoy Lectureperformance // Tanz und Dia-Vortrag

November 7, 2020 19:00 Uhr
December 4, 2020 19:00 Uhr
live, live and in person


Dancing Through Gardens (Durch Gärten Tanzen)

Flyer Open-Arts-LES

 Facebook Live

Film-Talk @ Performance Project, University Settlement @ The Festival Open Arts LES 2020

October 9, 2020
1 pm (19:00 Uhr)


Movement Research Performance Journal, Issue 54 – New York, July 2020

Cover Movement Research Journal

 Movement Research Journal (pdf pages 46-47)
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Brooklyn Rail, Art Journal, Issue 199 – New York, April 2020

Cover The Brooklyn Rail April 2020

 The Brooklyn Rail Issue 199 (pdf page 103)
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Salon Qi / Through Gardens

Flyer Salon Qi New York 2020


The Performance Project @ University Settlement

March 13, 2020
8.00 pm
March 14, 2020
7.00 pm



Flyer Killjoy at Pratt 2020


A Feminist Lecture Performance @ Pratt Institute, Art and Design Education, North Hall

February 26, 2020
1.30 pm


FeelingJazz (Excerpt)

Flyer Jazz Series Instrumental Underground 2020

Jazz Series Instrumental Underground @ Mirror Tea House Brooklyn

February 22, 2020
8.00 pm / 9.30 pm


Flyer Spoke the Hub_Winter follies 2020

Spoke The Hub showcases Winter Follies 2020 @ The Old First Reformed Church, Brooklyn

February 15, 2020
7.30 pm
February 16, 2020
4.00 pm


Dancing Through Gardens (Excerpt)

Flyer The Art of Remembering 2020

The Art of Remembering – Invited guest artist: film screening and artist‘s talk
@ Pratt Institute, History of Art and Design Department, Brookyn

February 11, 2020
9.00 am


Workshop Series Yoga & Dance 2019

Flyer Workshops BLM2019

@ Pratt Institut Brooklyn

Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Tuesday, November 19, 2019

12.30 pm


Through Gardens (Excerpt)

Logo Marymount Manhattan College


Dialogues in Dance Series 2019 @ Marymount Manhattan College

Monday, October 7, 2019
5:30 pm




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