Atelier Visit at Torsten Schlüter's



Workshop/Atelier Visit at Torsten Schlüter's
(Painter, Installation artist, Filmmaker, Architect)
Germany 2003

At Kulturbrauerei Working Space Berlin 2003
Artist Torsten Schlüter asked Oxana 2003 to realize a documentary film about him. They had been meeting for several years occasionally at his atelier, where they had conversations about arts. Torsten appears in Oxana's cult art-thriller-movie "Cocomophiheici" where he paints the lead actress and Oxana danced in his beautiful art film...and also performed live at Hexen Burg Weimar and at the Tulipamwe Weimar Theatre Festival for Torsten's "witches" exhibition shows, which were multimedial art works mixing painting, sculptures, staged lectures, dance and music.

Oxana considered how to document on video this very special artistic atmosphere and the creative spirit of this outstanding artist Torsten Schlüter. She decided to show a slice of Torsten's daily life as an artist and to appear herself in the movie.

The movie reflects Oxana's visits at Torsten Schlüter's atelier. As can be seen in the film, when Oxana visits the atelier after long time has passed, Torsten shows his new works, they drink some green tea and discuss art project ideas.

»A very personal, artistic, deep artist portrait whose slowly flowing narrative delights our senses.«
Ani Dämon
Board member li:chi association, transcultural network for art and political education Berlin 2015

Idea: Torsten Schlüter, Oxana Chi
Directing, Cinematography, Sound, Editing: Oxana Chi
With a fantastic soundtrack by Stephan Jansen (musician, sound artist & sound engineer)


Tour History includes:

Festival Salon Qi – Berlin 2009

Flyer Salon Qi - Berlin 2009


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