Dancing Through Gardens (Durch Gärten Tanzen)



Dancing Through Gardens (Durch Gärten Tanzen)

Germany / Indonesia / France 2014
(DVD Release – Berlin 2015)

Duration: 140 min

A poetic and insightful artistic documentary about dance and memory involving 3 generations of women and 3 countries. Filmmaker Layla Zami accompanies seasoned artist Oxana Chi who is performing her unique dance solo Through Gardens with live-music in Berlin, Paris and Solo (Indonesia). The movie takes the audience on a trip, following Oxana's artistic research and biography mapping about Tatjana Barbakoff, a Chinese-Jewish-Latvian dancer who inspired many painters, photographers and sculptors of the 20th century.

»An innovative dance_ documentary_ fiction_ film presenting the biography of Tatjana Barbakoff, great Chinese-Jewish-Latvian artist of the 1920s, through the graceful artistic eye and body of Oxana. Watching and sensing this powerful movie, the audience is invited to travel alongside two dancers between past, present and future merging in the timeless feeling of now.«
Book Writing Women's Lives, Yeditepe University, Istanbul 2014

Produced by lichiverein, made possible in part with the support of the French Ministery Program "Envie d'Agir" FMS Paris (Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah), Interflugs UdK Berlin Arts University and private sponsors.


Gold Awards for Dancing through Gardens


Oxana Chi is honored to receive the International Gold Award as a Filmmaker of Inspiration and the title of Ambassador of Peace for her outstanding dance_film_opus Dancing Through Gardens dedicated to the memory of the dancer Tatjana Barbakoff.

Layla Zami & Oxana Chi receive the International Award of Recognition Winners for European Documentary

Filmfestival Documentery & Shorts International
Jakarta 2016

»Your dance, your words and your film reached the depths of my soul. Words are not enough to express how intensely I identify with your images and perspectives.«
Celine Madé, Berlin 2015

International Gold Award Filmmaker of Inspiration Special Award of Recognition European Documentary


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Festival Salon Qi @ Cinema & Multi purpose Hall Filmbühne am Steinplatz – Berlin 2014

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DVD Release – Berlin 2015

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Event series In Memory of May 8, 1945 @ EW Building – University Osnabrück June 01, 2017

Program 8 May 2017

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MLT International Symposium, Heinrich Heine University – Düsseldorf 2016

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Europa-University Viadrina Center for German-Jewish Literature and Cultural History, Exile and Migration – Frankfurt Oder 2016



In*Vision Festival – Brandenburg 2016

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Woman culture center Frauenkreise – Berlin 2016

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Gesellschaft Macht Geschlecht Feminist University Festival Program – Bielefeld 2014

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Women Culture Center Schokoladenfabrik – Berlin 2015

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