Peaceful Spirit (Ruhegeist)



Peaceful Spirit (Ruhegeist)

Duration: 60 min

The discussion about the austere silence in metropolis, transported compact on the stage. The theater hall with its audience defines the keynote of the event, i.e. chairs moving, loud breath, low whispers. On this keynote the choir improvises. The dance as well as the remaining instruments keep the calm. Dance and music are freely improvised.

»A great stage experience«
Mo Asumang (filmmaker, actress, singer, TV moderator) and Irmelin Beringer (TV actress), both well known in Germany,
after the performance Berlin 1991

idea, choreography, dance: Oxana Chi
music composed & performed by Mo Asumang (vocals), Irmelin Beringer (vocals), Mar Born (vocals), Darius Coriako (violin), Tshamano Sebe (percussion), Max Moormann (percussion), Paul Modler (saxophon)


Tour History includes:

Culture center Kulturfabrik Lehrter Straße – Berlin 1991

Flyer Culture Center Kulturfabrik Lehrter Strasse Berlin 1991



Peaceful Spirit Poster – 1991

Peaceful Spirit Poster 1991



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